Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jasmin & Lily 61

Jasmin & Lily 61 - SUB
Anna und die Liebe - Episode 724 (25.06.2011)

German transcription by "Team effort"
English translation by utubeere
Italian translation by alterego1983


Anonymous said...

Gosh these three characters are so messed up!!!

utubeere said...

@anonymous: That's the kindest thing anyone has said about them in a while! LOL

Anonymous said...

ummm no a este ritmo q aburrido se pone esto .....voy a tener la paciencia de las otalias pero creo q no voy a aguantar muxo .. besos a todos :)

Anonymous said...

not bad idea hope more scene with jasmin and lily

Anonymous said...

please upload the other chapter

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