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SheyB said...

There is in you tube channel HGKeSa a summary of the story of Sasha & Kerstin Hinter Gittern the series, you could not put in your blog or with translation help her translate.
I thank you very brief history of the translation of Jasmin / Lily and if possible do the translation S & K beautiful story with a happy ending.
Thank you!
google trad. I'm from Brazil

Anonymous said...

upload jasmin and anni story from GZSZ, that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

Will you be doing Jasmin & Anni from GZSZ?

Lezsoapia said...

We have issued a statement pertaining to the Jasmin and Anni storyline on our main blog, Check it out!

Anonymous said...

can you please do Anni and Jasmin from GZSZ with english subtitles

Lezsoapia said...

Please read the statement we have issued re the Anni and Jasmin storyline:

Lisa said...

I understand about copyright issues although us English speaking fans are a little sad :') From what I've been able to understand Anni and Jasmine's story is just so beautiful. Is there somewhere I can go online to buy the DVD set that would have English subtitles?

Lezsoapia said...

RTL does not issue GZSZ DVDs apart from jubilees or really, really old episodes, so you won't have any luck in that department

If you really want to watch it, you could do some googling though... ;-)

Television Fanatic said...

Visit to watch Anni and Jasmin 's love story

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