About us

We're an international team of translators, whose goal is to share the stories of lesbian characters from German television and cinema. We concentrate on German language stories for a couple of reasons: 1) that is where our language skills predominantly lie, and 2) Germans have long been far ahead in devoting screentime to lesbian and bisexual storylines, and thus there is a wealth of material to work with. Since these are still a rarity worldwide, one of our main goals is to have these storylines available to all, anonymously online, because we believe that many of the women most in need of access to them are those who wouldn't be able to otherwise see them, for any number of reasons: political, religious, financial, privacy, or personal safety. Whatever the reason, we hope to give them the opportunity to watch these stories through our blogs and know that they are not alone in the world.

Another of our main goals is to produce the best possible translations we can. And quality translations (and subtitle synchronizations) require time. This means that we will never be able to keep up with a daily broadcast. There are two options: either produce 'fast and dirty' subtitles, or take the time to bring quality to our viewers. We cherish the latter and have chosen to take that road.

Due to various logistical issues, not all language subtitles can be posted simultaneously. We will add the subtitles as they come in, so keep an eye on the 'Latest Subtitle Uploads' posts. Not all translations are made from the original German, and therefore some translators have to wait for another language to be completed before they can begin their work. On top of which, all of us are volunteers with other responsibilities in our lives: families, friends, schoolwork, jobs, etc. So we hope you can understand that sometimes those must take priority. In addition, there are timezone differences to contend with. We're sorry, but that's just the reality of the situation, even in this 24/7, internet-connected world. We thank you for your patience.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this entirely volunteer project with their extraordinary efforts and invaluable time, and thanks to all of you watching - it would be nothing without you!

If you are interested in joining our group, please get in touch with us!


tobago said...

me encanta vuestro canal,queria saber cual es la cancion y quien la canta en el episodio 32 de jasmin y lili,muchas gracias

Lezsoapia said...

Thanks! The song you're looking for is Medina - You and I. Hope that helps!

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