Saturday, 22 October 2011

Jasmin & Lily 59

Jasmin & Lily 59 - SUB
Anna und die Liebe - Episode 719 (20.06.2011)

German transcription by "Team Effort"
English translation by utubeere
Italian translation by alterego1983


Anonymous said...

Thanks For The Video! Can't Wait For The Other Video! Hope Yu'll Post It Up Soon?!

Anonymous said...

sucks.. jojo please dissapear..

Anonymous said...

Can't complain anymore or make comment. Because
this program will go on anyway, though it sucks and unpalatable to every human being taste. It just create good investment to it's writer and producer.

Anonymous said...

Seriously the storyline has gotten really stale...they need to something drastic...and not put those three together..that creeps me out. o_O
I'm for either Jasmin/Lily or Lily/Jojo...not Jasmin/Jojo thats too weird and so is Jasmin/Lily/Jojo .__.

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