Monday, 12 September 2011

Jasmin & Lily 054

Jasmin & Lily 54 - SUB
Anna und die Liebe - Episode 706 (27.05.2011)

German transcription by Maya
English translation by Maya
Italian translation by alterego1983alterego


Anonymous said...

shit!!!shit!. why she do that? ... she is a bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Cuándo suben el próximo episodio? Gracias

Anonymous said...

i remember the good old days when Jasmin and Lily were hooking up..ahhhh yes.. i miss them together. the writers really can ruined what could've been a nice lezzie storyline. why do they feel the need to include in the picture a dude? tsk!

Jasly Episodes said...

The next episode will be uploaded soon!! :D

Anonymous said...

the worst story ever..............

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